• Ben M

EJU Grade Confirmation

(For those who haven't created a grade confirmation page yet.)

  • If you have already created one, please remember your ID and password.

  • If you forgot your ID and password, you will be unable to see your grades.

  • If you can't remember, please consult your teacher.

1. Go to the EJU Online homepage https://eju-online.jasso.go.jp/src/CMNLOGIN010.php Click “成績確認専用ページ

2. Go to “マイページ

3. Select Japanese or English

4. Click on "上記内容に同意します”, then click “次へ

5. (Mandatory) Enter the details and click “入力内容を確認する

* Make sure not to forget your mail address and password

* Password must have upper-case, lower-case and numbers

→ Click “登録する

6. You will receive and email with a URL, enter your password and click “認証する

7. You will receive another email, enter your my page ID (マイページID) and then your password to login.