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Coronavirus Vaccination Information

Soon you will receive a vaccine coupon (ticket) from the ward/city office of the town you are living by post. If you want to receive the vaccine, please make a reservation. The vaccine is free.

The vaccine coupon is required to make a reservation, please make your reservation after receiving the ticket.

Reservation Method

There are three ways to make a reservation. Please choose one.

  1. Group Inoculation (group inoculation venue in each ward/city) Vaccines are given at a large mass inoculation venue in wards and cities. Reservations can be made by phone and online. Please check the notice with the ticket for how to make the reservation.

  2. Individual Inoculation (medical institutions in your ward/city) Vaccines will be given at a medical institute where you live. Reservations made by phone or online. You can search for medical institutes from this link You must reserve at a medical institute in your town. Please check the notice with the ticket for how to make the reservation.

  3. Self Defense Force Tokyo Inoculation Center (Otemachi, Tokyo) Vaccines will be given at a large-scale inoculation center in Otemachi, Tokyo. You can make a reservation online using this link If you are over 18 years old, you can make a reservation regardless of where you live.

About Class Attendance

Basically, it is desirable to make a vaccination reservation outside of class hours, but if you cannot make a reservation, you can make a reservation during class hours. If you make an appointment for vaccination during class time, please report the appointment date to your teacher in advance by filling in the appointment date on the notification of absence. Vaccination days will be treated as attendance. However, this is only possible if you have submitted a public vacancy notice in advance. If you report on the day or after, you will be marked as absent.

Vaccine Information

Please refer to this link for detailed explanations about vaccines and how to write a pre-examination slip. Please note that it may vary depending on the ward or city office.

The vaccine is not compulsory. Please make your own judgement and decide whether to inoculate after you are satisfied. If you are not feeling well after the vaccination, be sure to contact the school. If you do not know, ask the school staff.


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