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Directors Message

Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School was founded in 1988 by a Tokyo Adachi-ku educational expert.
The purpose is to nurture the excellent human resources from a world-class educational system.

Johoku was relocated to Nishiwaseda in 2021 to expand and meet the requirements of students from various countries.
Our school has produced excellent graduates Over the years. They are active in various areas of the world.

The philosophy of Tokyo Johoku Japanese Language School are:
"Creative power to open the future", "A humble heart respects different cultures," "Sense of responsibility as required by society."

We pray for your success.

LEE KIDO - Director

Image by Tanner Mardis

School Information

  • Established : 

  • Student Capacity: 

  • Classrooms : 

  • Teaching Staff : 

  • Office Staff : ​

21 Japanese teachers
2 people

  • Supported Living
    Our staff take care of students not only in school, but also in their daily lives. Whether it is visiting a hospital, translation/interpretation, opening a bank account etc. We are here to help.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere
    Our school aims to create a homely and comfortable environment for our students to study in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Advancement Support
    Each student has a different goal. We have regular meetings with students to guide them and help them to achieve their dreams no matter what it is

  • Supported Languages
    ( Japanese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Chinese, Korean, & English)

  • Free Wi-Fi Available

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