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A typical student's day

Takadanobaba at night

I was asked recently how the average student spends their day in Japan. So I took some time to ask several European, Vietnamese and Chinese students about their daily activities from morning to night. We also have a video on the home page were you can get an idea of student life in Japan.

I will add the daily life (Mon - Fri) for a student in a morning and afternoon class.

Morning Class

07:30 - Get up and prepare breakfast

08:30 - Leave home to get to school

09:00 - Take classes

12:30 - Go for grocery shopping and then go home and prepare lunch

13:30 - Do homework from class and some kanji practice/self-study

15:30 - Leave home for part-time job

16:00 - Part-time job

21:00 - Finish part-time job, return home and take a shower

22:00 - Self-study

00:00 - Go to sleep

Afternoon Class

09:00 - Get up and prepare breakfast

09:30 - Do homework and self-study

12:30 - Leave home to get to school

13:00 - Take classes

16:30 - Go home for grocery shopping and prepare for part-time job

18:00 - Part-time job

23:00 - Finish part-time job, return home, eat dinner and take a shower

00:00 - Self-study

02:00 - Go to sleep

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