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May 2021 Online Classes

As reported, it has been decided that the state of emergency will be extended until Monday 31st May. As a result, we have decided to continue online classes until Monday, 31st May, putting the safety of students and faculty members first.

For classes after Tuesday, 1st June, we will comprehensively judge requests from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and decide on a policy, but at this stage, classes at school will resume on Tuesday, 1st June.

However, every Friday classes will be held at school, to understand the current situation of career guidance in the home room, contact from the school, and general support. If there are any changes, we will notify you on the school's website and Facebook.

Current Schedule 10th ~ 31st May

Monday ~ Thursday Classes will be held on ZOOM.

Friday Classes will be held at school.

Face to face classes will be held at school.

Please bring your homework on this day.

Coronavirus countermeasures

  • Wear a mask at all times

  • Ventilate rooms

  • Gargle, wash you hands, and disinfect frequently

  • 3 Avoid C's (crowded / close / closed)

  • Don't go to places with a lot of people

  • Do not get together to eat, drink or have a party

  • If you have a fever, sore throat, or cough, go to the hospital immediately

  • If you have any problems, please contact the school

About face-to-face classes

  • Building No. 1 will be unlocked at 7 am. Students who want to avoid crowded trains should come to school early to study in the classroom in Building 1 until the class starts.

  • All students and faculty will wear masks, measure temperature, ventilate, wash and disinfect hands, and thoroughly implement social distancing.

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