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Coronavirus Update

The situation at the moment has meant that flights are suspended and some countries have travel bans to Japan. This has also affected immigration procedures, making visa issuance outside of Japan take significantly longer.

As of today, March 5th 2021 cases are decreasing slightly and the country is in a state of emergency, with many bards, restaurants and events being closed to try and limit social interaction. No cases have been reported in our school, since summer 2020, so overall, coming to Japan is still extremely safe. However, We are monitoring the situation closely and taking advice from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to maintain the safety and wellbeing of students and faculty.

Japan has some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world. Recently there are very few fatalities and the Pfizer vaccine has already began being given to the citizens.

School Facilities

  • Hand sanitizer is available in all entrances and floors.

  • All desks, tables, elevator buttons and doorknobs at school are sanitized every day.

  • Anti-bacterial air sanitizing products are placed in common areas.

  • Surgical masks are available for just ¥300 for 40 masks.

Student Support

  • Students or staff who feel sick, or show symptoms such as fever, coughing, loss of taste/smell, headache, etc, are not allowed in the school and must go to a hospital for a PCR test. If they test positive, they are to remain at home for 14 days and get tested again. Online classes are available for students who cannot attend class.

  • In the event of a state of emergency, we may hold classes online via ZOOM to try to ease students going out and potentially risking exposure.

  • In the event of a teacher falling sick, classes may be cancelled at the last minute if a substitute teacher can not be arranged in time.

  • We advise students and staff to maintain the best hygiene practices to minimize any potential spread.

Advice to Existing Students

The advice we provide to all current students is based on recommendations from the national government.

  • Wash your hands carefully using antibacterial soap, especially after going out, and use hand sanitizer whenever you feel necessary.

  • If you have a cough, please wear a mask, or cough into a tissue or the elbow of your clothes.

  • Avoid touching your face (especially eyes and mouth) as much as possible.

  • Avoiding public places with lots of people.

  • If you feel that you may have coronavirus symptoms, please contact staff straight away, who will recommend a hospital for you to take a PCR test.

Advice for Students Coming to Japan

  • Because of the possibility that Japan may place further restrictions on entry in the future, we recommend all students avoid visiting other countries before coming to Japan, and to avoid taking flights that transfer when coming to Japan.

  • As the situation continues to change, we will issue updated advice again in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.


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