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Japanese Borders Open (Nov 2021)

The government announced that since the infection rates in Japan have dramatically decreased, the borders will be reopening and our students can finally arrive.

However, there are some changes to how students arrive and information we need.

At the moment, the documents needed are as follows

  1. Screening Certificate (shinsa zumisho - 審査済書) (This is issued by immigration once we submit the following items/information)

  2. Hand Signed pledge (Downloaded from here, printed and name is hand written in full exactly as written on your Certificate of Eligibility)

  3. Quarantine Accommodation (up to 14 days) (building/hotel name, full address and contact phone number for their stay) Please note that shared accommodation is not allowed and you are not permitted to leave your accommodation during your quarantine period and doing so will result in a penalty (your name, nationality, and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection will be publicized. You may also be subject to revocation of your visa and deportation proceedings)

  4. Flight Details (Students do not need to book the flight just yet, we just need their desired flight information; flight number, departure and arrival dates and times)

  5. New passport photo

  6. Scan of Passport

  7. Scan of Certificate of Eligibility (Ours usually have watermarks, so a new scan is needed)

  8. Scan of Vaccine Certificate & Negative PCR Test Certificate (The PCR Test Certificate must be completed by a doctor and can be downloaded here)

  9. Contact Email address

Firstly, there are set dates for applications for a new certificate issued by immigration and these have been decided based on the issue dates of the Certificate of Eligibility.

Certificate of Eligibility Issue Date

Screening Certificate Application dates

Jan ~ March 2020

November 2021

Apr ~ Sept 2020

December 2021

Oct 2020 ~ March 2021

January 2022

April 2021 ~

No date confirmed

Once we have the above information we are able to apply for the Screening Certificate and we can send to you, for your to get your visa and come to Japan.

Mandatory Location Tracking

Before arriving in Japan you must download and register the MySOS app on your smartphone (see image).

This app will track your location 24 hours a day and also allow officials to randomly video call and message you to check your status and location.

You must not miss calls or forget to input your data daily during quarantine. Also turning off location settings or trying to deceive tracking data is considered and offence and will result in a penalty.

Information on the app can be found on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's official website.

Download PDF • 94KB

Negative PCR Test Certificate
Download PDF • 401KB


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